Dual Credits

Dual Credit Courses

Students in grade 11 and 12 are able to earn dual college and high school credits from select schools.


  • Students must be a Junior or Senior

  • Student must have an minimum overall GPA of 3.0 or higher (some college programs requires a higher GPA).

  • Students may use online dual credit courses each year to meet 2 high school core classes and 2 high school elective class requirements (so a student could earn a total of 8 high school credits over the 2 years)

  • Each course requires approval from administration. (see form)

  • It is the student’s responsibility to register and pay for dual credit courses with the college or university before the start date of the course. Upon registration, students must present confirmation of the courses in which they are enrolled as well as official transcripts upon completion.

  • Once a student has designated which  courses they want to count toward core requirements, and toward elective requirements, they cannot change their request part way through the course.

  • Summer courses with a start date before July 1st count toward the previous year, whereas courses with a start date on or after July 1st will count toward the upcoming year

Approved schools

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